Bodegas Juan Gil blue label 18 Meses 2020

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Rotwein, 75 cl Spanien | Murcia
Traubensorte Mourvèdre Blend

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Weingut   Bodegas Juan Gil

Traubensorte   Mourvèdre Blend

Herkunft   Spanien, Murcia

Appelation   Jumilla

Merkmale      Vinotti 95:  toller kräftiger Wein aus den Hochebenen der Jumilla, uralte Trauben nach Beeren verlesen, toll Strukturiert

The Gil Vera family have championed the style of powerful Monastrell in Jumilla since 2002, even if their roots in wine can be traced back three generations to 1916. They now own around 750 hectares of vineyards, mostly old-vine and dry-farmed Monastrell but also some Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Tempranillo and Moscatel. Most of the vineyards are worked organically, as they are certifying more and more of their vineyards and more and more of their wines. The environmental approach has also reached the winery, where they use 100% solar energy and all residuals are recycled; the whole operation is truly sustainable. They produce 2.7 million bottles per year, so it’s not a small winery where these things are more or less easy to achieve.

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